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Would you like to order this ring directly from our office?

Order your ring directly from our office, or create your own custom design.
Book a Free Consultation to discuss your ring with our expert jeweller.
In addition to design and manufacture, Kosta Jewellers offer a comprehensive range of Repair Services.

Would you like to order this ring directly from our office?

Order your ring directly from our office, or create your own custom design.
Book a Free Consultation to discuss your ring with our expert jeweller.
In addition to design and manufacture, Kosta Jewellers offer a comprehensive range of Repair Services.


    Kosta Jewellers uses four different categories of diamonds to suit every budget.

    PREMIUM SELECTION: GH Color – VS Clarity.
    STANDARD SELECTION: IJ Color – SI Clarity.
    BUDGET SELECTION: KM Color SI Clarity.

    Simply select the size of your diamond associated with one of the four categories from the SELECT MAIN DIAMOND option box, adding the size of your finger in the box below and the total price of your ring will appear.
    We also offer the possibility of purchasing the setting without the central stone, simply select the WITHOUT MAIN STONE (SETTING ONLY) option in the SELECT MAIN DIAMOND box.


    While we often think of yellow gold as being pure, the yellow gold used for rings is an alloy made by combining pure gold with metals such as zinc and copper. As with other gold colors, the higher the karat amount, the higher the actual gold content, but the less durable the piece of jewellery is. Therefore, 18K or 14K gold is used for wedding and engagement rings. This gives them a beautiful golden hue while helping them to stand up against the demands of everyday wear. Yellow gold looks nice on anyone, but is particularly beautiful when contrasted with olive and darker skin tones. It looks less impressive on pale to rose skin tones, meaning white or rose gold might be a better choice for someone with fair skin. Some other considerations to keep in mind when comparing yellow gold with rose gold and white gold is that yellow gold, particularly high-karat yellow gold, can be easily scratched and dented. It needs to be cleaned and polished regularly.


    The main difference between yellow gold and white gold is that white gold is an alloy of gold and a white metal such as palladium, manganese, or nickel. Like yellow gold, white gold’s purity is defined in karats. White gold rings often contain nickel, which provides the strength needed for a durable setting that lasts. If you like the look of platinum but want to spend a little less, white gold is a fantastic choice. Like all precious metals used for rings, white gold requires some maintenance. Cleaning and polishing is a must, and this metal needs to be dipped every few years in order to retain luster and color. On the downside, white gold that contains nickel can cause allergic reactions in some people with sensitive skin. If you have a nickel allergy and want to wear white gold, you will need to choose jewellery made with a nickel-free alloy. White gold has a cool, sophisticated gleam. When you look at white gold vs. rose gold and yellow gold, you’ll find that it looks nice with all skin tones, but is particularly complementary to fair and rosy skin tones. If you are looking for rings that complement olive or darker skin tones, consider yellow gold or rose gold.


    Next, let’s take a look at rose gold vs. yellow gold vs. white gold. Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy that is sometimes referred to as red gold or pink gold. As it was popular in Russia at the turn of the nineteenth century, was once commonly referred to as Russian Gold, although the term is rarely heard these days. Like yellow gold and white gold, rose gold is a very popular choice for rings. Though it is seen less often, it is gaining popularity, particularly among people who want their wedding and engagement rings to have a unique, romantic look. Rose gold works well in all types of settings but is particularly appealing in vintage-inspired engagement rings and wedding rings. It can be combined with white or yellow gold to create a unique multi-colored setting that appeals to the wearer’s artistic side. Incredibly, this softly romantic colored gold is the strongest of the three, as copper is very sturdy and the resulting alloy is tougher than yellow or white gold. On the downside, copper can cause allergic reactions in some individuals, and is not considered to be a hypo-allergenic metal.


    Among the main advantages of platinum for jewellery fabrication are its strength and resistance to tarnish. It can be repeatedly heated and cooled without hardening and oxidation effects, while even the most slender sections of platinum permanently retain their shape, providing a secure setting for diamonds and giving jewellery designers a freedom of invention not always possible with other materials. Many consumers also appreciate the rarity and durability of platinum, while its density offers a satisfying, weighty feel. Platinum does make certain demands on the jeweller’s skills. It requires high temperature melting and casting equipment (pure platinum melts at 1769oC) and a scrupulously clean working environment.


    Palladium is a noble metal and part of the Platinum group of metals. Palladium’s low density makes a jewellery item weigh lighter than Platinum jewellery, lowering the cost to manufacturer and consumer alike. Palladium is also hyper-allergenic and will not cause skin rashes or discomfort any person prone to allergies. The most popular and best alloy for jewellery usage is 95% purity which makes the jewellery pure and durable at the same time. Any jewellery design that is possible with Platinum is also possible using Palladium, from hand-crafted jewellery making to machine casting and production work. Palladium will continue to grow in popularity with time.


    Melee Diamonds on this ring are of high quality selections.
    Colors Range varies from G to H and Clarity varies from VS1 to VS2
    Smalls are always included in the total purchase price.
    Small stones on Diamond Rings with Moissanite selection, will always remain authentic diamonds.
    For all Women’s & Men’s Wedding Rings, we only use authentic diamonds.
    On eternity diamond rings, number of small diamonds may vary according to finger size.
    The larger sizes may have a few diamonds more, while the smaller sizes a few diamonds less.
    “We guarantee only the best for all our products”

    To help you find your ring size, our diamond jewelry experts have put together this complete ring size guide including a ring size chart.
    We’ve helped many couples find an diamond engagement ring & wedding bands that are a perfect fit.


    All our rings are measured and standardized with a new Wheatsheaf measuring stick.
    The reading is taken as centre, with a tolerance of one quarter of a size.
    If you have your finger measured by a jeweller, always check if the size is centre, leading edge or trailing edge.
    Please note that half-sizes are also possible.

    Make sure your finger is at a normal body temperature, fingers can shrink or ring measuring expand when cold or hot.
    If your knuckle is much larger than your finger’s base, take two separate measurements and choose a size in between.
    You want a ring to fit over your knuckle, but not be too loose or it will shift around.


    Don’t let the question of size stress you out.
    Kosta Jewellers provides (ONE TIME ONLY) FREE complimentary resizing for most engagement rings and wedding bands.

    Some rings cannot be resized.
    You will see “THIS RING CAN’T BE RESIZE” icon on the ring page.

    Make sure about your finger size before you make your order.
    If you request the FREE engraving service and need to resize your ring, you will be charge for the new engraving.
    The engraving price is fixed at R: 280 p/ring.


    Make your ring extra special with Laser Jewellery Engraving.
    Proceed with your checkout and enter your engraving text with your details.

    Having some kind of love note, special date, or the couple’s names etched onto your band is a traditional act that has been in place since medieval times.
    So it comes as no surprise that couples usually choose this extra personalized option when buying their Diamond Engagement Rings or Wedding Rings.
    While many may opt to have their partner’s name or both of their names inscribed on the inside band.
    The wedding date is another popular route to take – and means your spouse will never forget your anniversary.


    Buy your diamond ring or wedding band online with absolute confidence.
    With a sophisticated system TRACK & TRACE equipment allows you to pinpoint exactly where your parcel is.
    After you complete your purchase please contact us for shipping details.

    When your order its completed, we will book for you our COURIER SERVICE.
    You will receive an e-mail notification the day your order has been shipped with a confirmation of shipment and a waybill number.
    This will give you the ability to track your order online until it reaches your destination.
    All parcels are FULLY INSURED by Jem & Jewel (Pty) Ltd. Insurance.

    This free service is only for customers within the South Africa Borders.
    For delivery assurance, your Identity Document and your signature will be required on delivery.
    Additionally, if you purchased using a credit card, you will be required to produce the same card.
    Orders received from outside the borders of South Africa will be billed accordingly.


    Choose your ring and click on ADD TO QUOTE BASKETBALL, select the type of metal, diamond and the size of your finger.
    After entering all your details, click on SENT QUOTE REQUEST.
    We will reply within a couple of hours with your official quotation.
    if you wish to proceed with the order simply make the payment of the 60% deposit using the quotation number as a reference.
    Email us a copy of the payment to: